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Hey! Are you in the quest of finding a modelling agency in Pune which will help to advertise your brand/ yourself with the help of their vast model portfolio? Or are you looking for a modelling agency so that you can train and groom yourself to be the perfect model you have dreamt of? Well, here we are bringing to you a list of top 20 modelling agencies in Pune.

A modelling agency functions somewhat similarly to a talent agency, but just for models. Models are signed to their books, and they assist in managing the models' careers.

n this article, we are providing a list of top 20 modelling agencies in Pune who are very professional in doing their job and they have good reviews as well. You can choose yours!

List of Top 20 modelling agencies in Pune

1.Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Modelling Agencies Mumbai is one the best modelling agency. If you want to learn modelling or pursue their services, this is the best place where you can go. They have years of experience when it comes to modelling management services. They have created an ecosystem itself for their customers and clients. They have a fleet of highly professional people. It includes models, hair stylists, international coordinators, make-up artists, talented scouts, choreographers, and photographers. Modelling Agencies Mumbai is eyeing the tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. They want to get candidates and train them through a series of classes and workshops. Thus, enabling people to bring their talent to the limelight.

Modelling Agencies Mumbai provide a broad range of services. Their services include the following - Female Modelling, Kids Modelling, Male Modelling, Fashion photography, Professional Modelling Portfolio and so on. When needed, they also train and prepare their models for different events. They have unique solutions for everyone.


2.Belleza Institute & Modelling Agency

Belleza Institute & Modelling Agency was founded on 1st April 2017. Mr. J.K. James is the one who founded Belleza Institute & Modelling Agency.

The institute has been into the field of modelling since 2008. It used to operate and collaborate with Apple Events and Entertainment. Now, it is completely inherited by Belleza Institute & Modelling Agency.

Services provided by Belleza Institute & Modelling Agency are - Cinematography Training, Modelling Training, Make-up Training, Acting Training and Photography Training.



Visual Production Company iEyeCapture is based in Pune. iEyeCapture can put forward the unseen beaty and secret tales through photography. They excel in doing that. Their working professionals are highly trained and creative. They are always ready to take up the job and get it done. As far as branding and advertising is concerned, they provide exclusive solutions for all the clients, which work.

They specialise in Professional Photograph, Fashion Photography, Advertising Photography, Wedding Photography and Model Portfolio as well.


4. Modelling Mumbai

Modelling Mumbai is a talent development firm that specializes in casting strategy and model coordination. For the last five years, the organisation has been in the talent management market, and it has a diverse selection of Indian and foreign models working with it in Mumbai. The company's mission is to be the industry's leading source of professional models. Modelling Mumbai not only provides models to the entertainment and fashion industry, but it also grooms and trains the models with a hands-on approach that is tailored to each model.


5. Tumbhi

Tumbhi (which means "you too") is an internet platform that aims to improve the life of artists, art enthusiasts, and art seekers. It links ambitious, patron-less artists with suitable benefactors and art fans worldwide. It provides a global platform for unknown artists all over the world to express their actual artistic talents and further stimulate their dormant creativity. Tumbhi's mission is to offer art enthusiasts and art seekers with accessibility to distinct, hidden talent that can only be found on the Internet.

Tumbhi provides services in- Photography, Music, Fine Art, Writing and Short films. It also provides modelling services as well.


6. Young Talent Association

When it comes to modelling and dance company, Young Talent Association is a name that always comes up. It was founded by Subhash Dhang in the year 1998. They are undoubtedly one of the fastest developing dance and modelling company. It has 4 branches in major cities including Nashik, Mumbai, and Pune. Young Talent Association stands out for their unique skills. This organization is actively associated and involved in staging, organizing, and performing. They have organized many shows across our country and internationally as well. They are very professional in training the young minds. For dance preparation, various dance forms from Indian folk to international movies, all are covered like belly dance, salsa, Zumba, Kathak, Bollywood, hip hop, Garba, and other contemporary dance forms.

Their other services include- videography, modelling, and photography.


7. Balmudra Studio

Balmudra strives to bring out the distinct soul of each kid. They attempt to showcase their originality and charm as well as portray their purity and elegance. They construct a professional portfolio for your youngster at Balmudra. A good portfolio highlights a child's unique qualities through a range of postures, locales, costumes, and lighting. This portfolio serves as a springboard into the world of media and advertising. Balmudra ensures that these images are distributed to the appropriate marketing agencies, publications, and film production companies.

Their services include- Kids Modelling, photography and short films.


8. Naya Manch is the first Community & Commercial Network gateway for the Entertainment World, powered by a team of young and energetic brains. They have professionals who are very proactive, energetic, and passionate. They provide services to help you break into the entertainment business and create your personal social media network. Their premier services are offered to everyone who want to become renowned and give their ability and ingenuity to the entertainment business.

Naya Manch provides services in the following- Corporate and Ad films, Product Photography, Wedding Photography, Modelling and Fashion.


9. Radiance Vision

If you want to be a model, Pune is an interesting place to live in. With a young population and many technology and media firms establishing offices in Pune, fashion houses in Pune are continuously looking for exceptional models. Pune has a vibrant cultural environment, and the city's fashion sector has exploded, with several fashion companies opening stores in the city. And Radiance Vision comes to a great help here. When it comes to modelling, we hire freshers, train them to be a perfect model and also provides various services to the clients. Radiance Vision provides the following services- SEO optimization, Advertising Films Making, Kids Modelling, Modelling for events and corporate film making.

Email-id: [email protected]

10. The Crizaze Innovation

Crizaze is among the most well-known modelling and advertising firms. Crizaze has earned its prestigious status as an industry leader since its founding in 2010 by an Engineering graduate Vimal Hari, by giving sufficient model management for women, children and men. They provide services for other industry professionals as well such as make-up stylist, hair stylist, fashion stylist and photographer. The Crizaze Innovation provides services in modelling, co-working space and studio rental.


11. Kaalia Modelling

Kaalia is a major modelling agency in India that offers the finest model marketing, casting, and portfolio shots. At Kaalia Modelling Agency, we want to reflect diversity while also bringing our own style, narrative, and experience to the spotlight of the entertainment/fashion world. We believe there is a lot of hidden beauty out there, and we're on a mission to uncover it, reveal it, and populate the globe with it.

Kaalia Modelling provides services in- modelling, short videos. Advertisement films, photography and so on.


12. Blink Online Modelling Agency

Blink Online Modelling Agency, launched in 2011, is a Pune-based Agency with a pan-India reach. Although its existence is not that long, the Agency thought tank's significant industrial background and worldwide competence distinguish Blink Online as a unique Model management organisation in its market. Mrs Pradnya Shinde, the company's creator, runs it successfully and responsibly.

You may become a model even if you don't have ideal dimensions, since Blink Online is open to persons of different ages and clothing sizes. As a modelling agency, Blink online provides services in Baby Modelling, Child Modelling, Traditional Modelling and even 50+ Modelling. They also have Fitness Modelling and Plus-Size Modelling categories, which are not common in other modelling agencies. Everyone has the chance at becoming a model at Blink Online.

Website: Blink Online : Modeling Agency, model coordinator, Portfolio, E-commerce, Fashion Show, beauty pageant, Photographer, Stylist, Makeup or Hair Stylist, Casting Director, Agent, Magazine, PR or Ad agency

13. Next Top Model

Next Top Model is a top-notch modelling school based in Pune, Maharashtra. As a modelling school, it trains the candidates with proper modelling skills and also grooms them to be fit and be industry-ready for the modelling industry.

Apart from being a modelling school, it is a modelling agency as well and caters us with various services.

Email: [email protected]

14. Make Me Model assists aspiring models in breaking into the fashion industry. It is a training ground where models are nurtured, taught, and equipped to shine in the glamour business. They offer specialised modelling services like -Personal Development Portfolios Grooming (Styling and Personal Care)

They also assist skilled models in securing employment for fashion shows, commercials, films, and television. In a word, Make Me Model will give you with an excellent platform to demonstrate your abilities. They also take part in fashion shows, commercial photoshoots, corporate events, exhibition and trade shows.

Website: Make Me Model - Online Portal for Models

15. Modellado Studio

Modellado Studio is a modelling agency based in Pune, Maharashtra. It has very good reviews and caters best in class services. They take both online appointments and on-site appointments. Modellado studio is run by Aishwarya Das. They provide a range of services including Acting, Casting, Commercial, Runaway and Pageantry. The also give studio on rent.

Link: Modellado Studio (@modellado_studio) • Instagram photos and videos

16. Red Carpet Productions and Modelling Agency

Redcarpet Productions is India's first production firm, comprised of actors and models from throughout the country. The casting society in India has gone a long way from being an accidental part in the vast hub of the film business to being the foundation of good filmmaking. In this quest, Redcarpet Productions, founded in 2019, has quickly expanded to become one of the best casting firms serving a global clientele.

They have participated in several fashion events, music videos, beauty pageants and short films. Under one roof, we bring together an entire team of photographer, studio, make-up artists, star managers, and production house tie-ups. They provide modelling opportunities for children, teenagers, and adults.


17. RoMa Fashion Entertainment Private Ltd.

RoMa Fashion Entertainment Private Ltd. is a modelling and fashion advertising agency based in Pune, Maharashtra. They are very excited to provide a platform to the freshers to be the next generation of upcoming models. They provide one of the best grooming and connecting services. They can easily determine the quality and talents of the candidates and train them suitably.

Website: RoMa Fashion Entertainment Pvt Ltd- Advertising agency, Commercials & Film Production Company in Koregoan Park pune (

18. One Stage Celebrity Management

Since 2017, they worked hard to become all in one shop for talent endorsement. They help clients from start to finish by developing efficient influencer marketing strategies.

They give artists/influencers according on our clients' needs and budget. Through intelligent and innovative influencer marketing initiatives, they assist clients in engaging and activating their target audiences globally.

Website: One Stage - Event & Entertainment

19. AAY India

AAY India is one of the top modelling agencies. They also set up a model training school in Splendour County, Wagholi, Pune. They give many opportunities to models to showcase their talent and their services are great.

Contact: AAY India - Top Model Agency and model training school in Pune (

20. Silverstream Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Silverstream Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is a Fashion company based in Dubai which also has its branches in Pune. They are well known for their services like - casting, runaway, fashion and pageant. They are experts in building brands.

Link: Silverstream Ent® Pvt. Ltd. 🇮🇳 (@silverstreamentertainment_ind) • Instagram photos and videos

So, that is all about the top 20 modelling companies in Pune. Hopefully, you will get to choose your dream model studio. Thank you!

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