Modelling Agencies in Indore

There are many modelling agencies in Indore and all-around India. In India, modelling has only recently become popular. Due to tradition, history, and ingrained inhibitions, Indian society severely restricted how both men and women could portray themselves in popular culture, including movies and advertisements. Due to their line of work, famous performers in the past risked social marginalization. The same was true for modeling in advertisements. There are no known details on the first model to appear in advertising in India. However, an empirical study suggests that Dr. Leela Chitnis (born September 9, 1912), who appeared in a print advertisement for Lux Toilet Soap in 1941, was the first Indian female model. Indeed, she supported the Lux brand, which was controlled by Lever Brothers, the company that later became Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Here we have curated a list of the top Modelling agencies:

1. Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Modelling Agencies Mumbai is one of the well-known modelling agencies located in Mumbai. A career in modelling is for you if you want a ticket to unending fame and luxury. It is one of the most inventive talent management companies with the highest percentage of success stories. It has an extensive experience of more than 6 years in the modelling management.


2. INEGA Models

The stage production Grease Lightening from the 1990s was created by modelling and production company Inega Model Management. They are based in Indore and have access to a talented pool of models and artists who frequently appear in the leading publications, fashion shows, and ads. They rank among the top agencies in Indore for representing foreign models. Additionally, they support and mentor aspiring models as well as represent models from around the world.


3. Auraa Models

Modeling firm Auraa Models has offices in Mumbai and New York. It was established in 2011 and promotes both male and female models. In addition to having national models, Auraa also has models from other countries. Male and female celebrities, international and Indian models, casting, portfolio shootings, and several other services are the agency's core attractions.

Website: Auraa Models | Model and Talent Management Agency


Modelling Mumbai was founded with the goal of bringing the greatest and most innovative talent from every event management organisation, whether it be artists, models, event promoters, or different types of talent in terms of modelling, manpower, etc. In such a cutthroat industry as events and entertainment, we even assist local artists in launching their careers. We offer everything as it relates to events, promotions, and entertainment as one of the top event managers in Mumbai.

Website: Modelling Agencies in Mumbai (

5. Crizaze Modeling Agency

One of the main modelling agencies in the south is Crizaze. The agency has offices internationally and in Indore also. The organization is founded in 2010. They are well-liked for casting, fashion shows, portfolio shoots, and ad creation. The agency's official website is located at The agency's pupils can learn about modelling and seize the opportunity to work in advertising.

Website: Crizaze Modeling & Advertising Agency

6. Runway Agency

Runway Agency in Mumbai is one of the most well-known agencies and is well-known throughout the country, not just in Mumbai. The organization was founded in 2013. They offer male and female models from India and throughout the world as well as casting services.

7. South Cast Professional Models Agency

The next on our list is South Coast Professional Models Agency, a renowned modelling agency in India. Its headquarters are in Indore and Mumbai, India's centre for acting and film. The organisation has seen numerous major names in the modelling, fashion, and advertising industries seek its services. Since its founding in 2012, it has competed in a variety of fields, including casting, portfolio photos, fashion shows, ad creation, event management, and modelling for foreign clients. The agency has already had a flurry of businesses inquire about working with them on numerous movies and commercial shoots.

Website: South cast, Mumbai - Service Provider of Model services and Kids Models (

8. Jasmine Model Agency

The company at the top of the list is Jasmine Model Inc. of Indore. Since its founding in 2010, the firm has developed a solid brand for itself. As part of its primary business, it focuses on both male and female models, portfolio photos, casting, foreign models, and more. According to the statistics, the agency has already been the driving force behind numerous success stories. Numerous prestigious businesses have knocked on their doors for assistance with casting and modelling.

Website: ABOUT US | jasmine-models-inc

9. Nudeye Productions Agency

Let's cross it off our ninth list with Nudeye Productions LLP, the most well-known entry from the list above. The company is regarded as one of the best in the country for tasks relating to modelling. Its headquarters are in New Delhi, where it has managed a significant portion of modelling and fashion shows. Male and female models, Indian models, fashion shows, and event management are among the services it has been providing since its founding in 2010.

Website: NUDEYE PRODUCTIONS LLP - Company, directors and contact details | Zauba Corp

10. Skywalk Entertainment Modelling Agency

Since many years ago, the Indore-based modelling casting agency Skywalk Entertainment has organised fashion shows, pageants, and modelling competitions. Being a launch platform and organizing modelling competitions to give a chance to the new and fresh faces of the young generation who desire to see their future as Professional Model Actors in Bollywood They put on the modelling competitions MR INDIA MANHUNT and MR AND MISS DELHI INDIA to give young people in India a platform to establish their modelling careers.

Website: Best Modeling Agency Model Actor Casting in Bollywood

Modelling Agencies in Indore

Modelling agencies in India has advanced significantly. Modelling agencies are now a multi-billion-rupee business in India. Models of all ages—men, women, and children—are paid extremely well to appear in ads. Profits from their promotion go largely to modelling agencies. This concludes our list of the top model agencies.

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